Renting a car and driving abroad can be an exciting and fun way to travel around different countries! But, before you leave, read these tips and tricks to make your travel easier.

The experience of driving abroad in an unknown city can be truly unique. But whether that experience is fantastic or horrible depends on how much preparation you put into your trip. 

Driving abroad doesn’t have to feel overwhelming! At Tripiamo, we are here to help. Here are a few tips for international driving that can save you from trouble and make your trip more enjoyable.

What To Do Before You Even Step Into the Car.

There are a few things to remember when it comes to driving abroad.


The most crucial point to remember is that different countries have different driving rules, and you should be aware of them if you plan on driving abroad. In addition, you must know which side of the road you will be driving on. Finally, it would help to understand the speed limit signs, traffic signs, and signals. 


When it comes to your rental car, it is also a good idea to learn how to use the turn signals and emergency lights (sometimes they are different from what you’re used to in the U.S.).


Driving abroad is easier when you’re prepared. Here are some other tips to help you out before you even get into the car!


First, treat your rental car with care. Be sure to read the terms of your rental agreement, so there are no surprises when it comes time for you to return the vehicle. In addition, many agencies require that you pay extra if there is any damage, even if it was not your fault — so be careful. 


Next, allow plenty of time for travel. It is always prudent to allow additional travel time when heading out of town or internationally, especially by air or car. In addition, allow enough time for weather delays and flight or train connections — these can quickly add hours onto what was an easy travel day.

Remember, learn the rules of the road. Before you fly overseas to pick up your rental car, study the rules of the road and traffic signs in the country where you plan to drive. Learn all you can about speed limits, right-of-way laws, and other restrictions. If you intend to drive abroad, it is wise to learn as much as possible about road signs, signals, and posted speed limits. You should also check with your rental agency regarding specific regulations for driving in that country. Tripiamo Guides provide you all the information you need to stay safe and confident while abroad, all in thirty minutes.

The Keys to Easy Driving Abroad.

Renting a car and driving abroad can be very easy and inexpensive. However, it’s important to note that car rental agencies require you to have insurance for driving in other countries and set a minimum age to rent a car. 


Many insurance companies offer an international driver’s permit, which some countries require to rent a vehicle. Make sure you carry your international driver’s permit along with your U.S. driver’s license. 


Navigation can be the best tool for support when driving abroad. When looking into your rental, opt for a route map service to avoid getting lost on the way. 


But, once you’re driving abroad, don’t mistake following the route blindly. Before you hit the road, check the routes well in advance and know where you are heading. Make sure you select a popular route, so you’re not encouraged to take backroads (unless that’s the experience you’re looking for)! Finally, ask for help if you face any difficulties.


Driving abroad can be a great way to experience new sights, people, and places (especially if traveling for leisure).

Tripiamo's Tips and Tricks for Driving Abroad.

Driving abroad might be confusing at first, but you will be okay with a bit of preparation. And, at Tripiamo, we are here to help. Here are our top tips and tricks for driving abroad.


First, check out all the signs and road markings before entering a new city. Then, be aware of the rules of the road when you’re driving abroad since they might differ from what you are used to in the U.S. And, make sure you know all about tolls and fees on the streets that you need to travel on so you driving abroad is easier. 


When driving across borders, you will need some documents to ensure that your journey is trouble-free. The document type will vary depending on the country you are visiting, and where you are coming from so, it’s essential to get your documentation before you leave.


The most important thing is to remember is that you are in another country, so make sure you respect all the local laws. Also, try to be friendly and courteous to everyone on the road. Use your car’s horn less than average and be more patient.


If you follow these simple tips, you will have a great time driving abroad!