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Personal Injury

Although getting around is generally deemed safe for foreigners, “every day, almost 3,700 people are killed globally in crashes involving cars, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks, or pedestrians” – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): August 2020

The World Health Organization also expects there to be an increase in deaths per year from just driving by 38% in fifteen years.

Property Damage & Medical Expenses

Although most excursions end without a ding or bruise, SaferStreet provides a preventative measure to ensure your audience is ready for the road ahead.
Medical – Average costs for:
  • A slight injury crash: $1,036 in the EU, $7,500 in the USA
  • A serious injury crash: $10,229 in the EU, $61,600 in the USA
  • Crashes with fatalities: $9,904 in the EU, $1,130,000 in the USA
Property Damage – Generally speaking 72% of crashes result in property damage, which equate to the below average costs:
  • A slight injury crash: $4,323 in the EU, $11,900 in USA
  • A serious injury crash: $10,498, in the EU, $21,000 in the USA
  • Crashes with fatalities: $10,805 in the EU, $65,000 in the USA

Reliance on Expensive Transit Options

Reduce taxi, car service and other travel expenditures by providing employees with the knowledge of how to effectively get around by public transit or car rental.

Tickets & Fines

When automobile travel is necessary, in some markets foreigners are three to seven times more likely to receive a fine for road offenses. Although every country has a different set of rules around speed limits, drunk driving, using a cell-phone, wearing seatbelts and other traffic violations, tickets can vary in a range of fine amounts from just $35 to $750 per ticket across the EU. Receiving a ticket, in some instances, can even revoke driving permits in the future.
SaferStreet helps your audience identify restrictions, like speed traps and parking restrictions, that can land hefty, unwanted fines.

Petty Theft & Crime

400,000 pickpocket incidents occur per day worldwide. Lost or stolen items account for 33% of travel insurance claims.



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