U.K. (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)- Car & Motorbike (Gift Guide)


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The United Kingdom is an incredible country with a rich history. Exploring the U.K. can be filled with excitement, yet it can also be stressful. Americans often get lost, wind up wasting precious vacation time figuring out how to get from a to b, finding themselves as easy targets for criminals and spending more money than necessary on fines and other unnecessary travel expenses. Road related injuries are also the leading cause of non-natural death for Americans while abroad. Tripiamo wants to make sure you and your loved ones can get around safely, confidently, swiftly and stress-free during your journey.

In this first-of-its kind online guide we teach you important concepts that you’ll need to know to effectively get around across most areas in the United Kingdom on foot, on bicycle and using public transit. By the end of this online guide you should know getting around the UK basics and how to effectively traverse the United Kingdom like a local, whether by car or motorbike.

This guide package includes Tripiamo’s SaferStreet guide:

  • Car & Motorbike

Within this Tripiamo guide we’ll include:

  1. First of its kind 360° Instructor Led Tours, an opportunity to actually experience the United Kingdom and practice getting around before you even arrive.
    • Urban Car: 14:16 minutes of instructor-led practice through the U.K.
    • Suburban Car: 17:38 minutes of instructor-led practice through the U.K.
    • Motorbike: 16:25 minutes of instructor-led practice through the U.K.
  2. Expert Tutorial Videos
    • Car & Motorbike: 13 short videos
      • Introduction to Driving in the U.K. —– 0:39 seconds
      • Opposite Side Driving and Car Layout —– 4:49 minutes
      • Types of Road Markings and Signs —– 13:01 minutes
      • Road Crossings, Intersections and Roundabouts —– 5:55 minutes
      • Driving with Cyclists on the Road —– 1:52 minutes
      • U.K. Driving Etiquette —– 1:34 minutes
      • Speeding, Tolls and Congestion Zones —– 5:02 minutes
      • Common Rules, Laws, Fines and Driving with Children —– 1:47 minutes
      • Parking and Fuel Stations —– 2:42 minutes
      • Essentials: Paperwork and Insurance —– 2:34 minutes
      • Riding a Motorbike in the U.K. —– 1:32 minutes
      • Breakdowns, Emergencies and Interactions with Police —– 1:58 minutes
      • Conclusion —– 0:38 seconds
  3. On-the-Go Materials for your Journey:
    • Organized PDF outlining:
      • Instructions on best and most cost effective ways to get to/from major U.K. airports
      • Best ride sharing options in the U.K.


As the majority of visits to the United Kingdom include a visit to London this guide focuses mostly on examples of getting around the London region. Principles and topics covered in this course, however, will be relevant for getting around most other areas of the United Kingdom.

This guide teaches and focuses from the perspective of an American travelling to the United Kingdom. Guides are available for 365 days from purchase.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

*Each instructor led tour provides you with actual footage from the motorist perspective in the United Kingdom, enabling you to experience typical road encounters as if you’re in the U.K.  Instructor led tours include 360° footage allowing you to rotate your screen and experience all vantage points a motorist (motorbike) may experience. Car tours use 360° footage but do not allow screen rotation. All tours include instructor commentary on what to look out for and other verbal and visual pointers throughout the videos