At Tripiamo we are adamant about travel.

Today, tons of issues arise when Americans get around abroad. It’s almost inevitable we may get lost, accidentally buy wrong tickets, take a train in an opposite direction, get pickpocketed on crowded transit, or even misinterpret road and traffic signs, leading to fines, increased chances of a car crash or even injury. It’s not fun to think about, but road related incidents are in fact the number one cause of death for healthy Americans travelling abroad. At Tripiamo, we want to keep trips for adventuring, not stressing.

Tripiamo helps Americans adventure safely, travel confidently, and explore further while abroad. We noticed there was no single source of valuable getting around safety advice (not even from national governments!), so we created best-in-class, comprehensive getting around guides, enabling Americans to feel prepared for getting around no matter their mode of transit.

About the Founder

John, an avid traveler that’s been to over 50 countries, knows everyone has a horrible travel story, including many himself. He created Tripiamo to change that.

Even through extensive travels, John always felt somewhat limited by where he could go and what he could see while abroad, not like when travelling across the United States. John believes we’re all one human race and should be able to navigate anywhere on the planet even if we don’t speak the same language. John envisions a future where Americans are able to get around like a local wherever they may be in the world. A future where traveling beyond tourist hotspots becomes the norm.

John currently resides in New York City and is always looking forward to his next adventure. John’s worst transit abroad story occurred back in 2014 on a train from Budapest, Hungary to Munich, Germany. Although aware of his surroundings, he still got his luggage stolen on a crowded train. Fortunately, he still had his passport and wallet on him during the incident!